Nicole SchwabI am an earth-loving, deep-thinking, author and social entrepreneur who spent the last twenty years journeying across cultures and horizons, striving to create a harmonious sustainable life on the planet, one that values and honors the feminine principle within and without, and is rooted in our connection to the Earth as a living being.

I have always had a keen interest in exploring the limits of the known and the perceived, understanding the global picture, and grasping the subtle range of socio-cultural beliefs around our path and purpose as humans. I have walked the tightrope of my life holding science in one hand, and spirituality in the other – having degrees in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University and in Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School, combined with a spiritual practice that weaved its way through years of martial arts, and later, yoga, dance and meditation.

My work led me to spend several years in the Andes, working on maternal and child health programs in Bolivia, and later engaging in a number of public health projects across Latin America. I returned to Europe in 2004 to set up the Forum of Young Global Leaders, facilitate workshops, and design collaborative processes around a vision for the world in 2020. Feeling nevertheless called to intensify my engagement on behalf of the feminine, in 2009, I co-founded The Gender Equality Project – later renamed the EDGE Certified Foundation – to create a global certification scheme that recognizes companies for their efforts in closing the gender gap in the workplace.

As the project evolved from its early years of conception and development into a phase of expansion, I knew it was time for me to honor my calling as a writer, and find new ways to give voice to my insights and experiences. I traveled to Greece, wandered amidst the ruins under the olive trees, listening to the long-lost whispers of the great Oracles of Gaia and wrote my first book, The Heart of the Labyrinth (Womancraft Publishing).

This blog is an experiment born out of this journey, a portal to share what inhabits me, what I see and feel, laying my words onto the vast sea of the unknown. I invite you to join me as we reconnect to our earthen roots and soar into the skies.


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