An Epiphany for 2015

20150107The 12 nights of Yule are behind us, calling us to stretch and slowly peek out of the womb-like winter shelter into which our energies had retreated these past few weeks.

As we glance through the icy mouth of our cozy cave, we see a new year laying out its potential before our eyes. Its valleys and forests, sparkling pools and menacing tornadoes. We notice the burrows providing shelter along the way. The platforms inviting us to stand under the scorching sun, speaking our truth. There are shortcuts. There are places to hide. Places to climb, dance, love, laugh and run. And there are benches, inviting us to stop and look at the view.

It is a year of many possibilities. Many junctions in our path. Individual and collective.

Which ones will we take?

What will we give our energy to?

What will we say yes to?

What will we say no to?

What world do we want to bring into being?

You may have written a list of New Year’s resolutions. You may have created a Vision Board, capturing the essence of what you want your year to look like. Or perhaps you simply relaxed in the love and joy of the season, letting your body unwind and touch the stillness.

However you may have planned 2015, ultimately, as one of my teachers reminded me the other day: “The point of power is always now”.

As we embark – slowly – upon the road of 2015, my wish is that we keep the above questions fresh in our minds. That we return to them again and again, until we are absolutely sure and clear that our energy, our thoughts, our emotions and our actions are aligned with the world we want to create. Day by day. Moment by moment.

May this be a year of conscious living.

Great epiphanies.

And joy.

Photo by Moyan Brenn on Flickr

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