Beyond the Grid: “What Happens when Nothing Happens?”

meditation-644859_1280Today after a couple of months of blogging silence, I want to share with you the spring blossoms I collected beyond the “grid”.

Beyond the real grid, into which our houses are plugged, which provides us with our electricity, our heating, our water, etc. But also beyond the more subtle grid onto which we project our lives… Matrix fans will know what I’m talking about.

So let’s start with the real grid… Why – you may wonder – would anyone with a choice, decide to live without the modern amenities that we have come to take for granted?

Why live away from it all, surrounded by the sounds of nature?


Why collect water from a well and wait for it to slowly filter before it is safe to drink?


Why sit trembling in front of a wood stove as the temperature drops, wondering whether the fire will start?


Why generate your electricity from a couple of solar panels, which might just be enough to charge your cell phone – but perhaps not – and then, who needs a cell phone anyways in that setting?


Because. By coming back to the basics, we remember what we are made of.

Earth. Water. Fire. Air.

By stripping away all that we know, we see where we have come from. We come to appreciate that which we take for granted. And understand where we have gone astray.

We have been gifted with such abundance.

And in our modern lives, where many of us don’t need to worry about how we will keep ourselves safely sheltered, warm, fed and hydrated, we have so much time on our hands.

So much time to be fully creative.

And yet, what have we done with this time? This time that is a pure gift.

How much of it are we using to share our love and joy with others? And how much do we waste by keeping ourselves distracted? By indulging in our addictive urge to keep ourselves busy, to make us feel that we have a purpose, a reason to be alive? In our compulsion to stay plugged into the grid, for fear of what we may find on the other side?

Are you willing to step to the other side?

If you are, here is an invitation. In his book that reads like a breath of fresh air, profound and lucid, Le Bug: Introduction à la Spiritualité, Lama Dominique Radas offers us a beautiful meditation that goes straight to the core of it all. A sentence that we can return to again, and again. For it may well take us beyond the grid, to the eternal void pulsating at the heart of the labyrinth.

Try it and see for yourself:

“What happens when nothing happens?”

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