Entering the Darkness

The wheel has t20141030_samhainurned, the nights have grown longer and today – the mid-point between the fall equinox and the winter solstice – as we consciously enter the coming darkness, leaving the summer light and its harvests behind, we are invited to cross the threshold between worlds and befriend our mortality.

On this date, I once found myself in a clandestine cemetery, on a rugged hill close to the stars, witnessing a procession of families bringing food to their deceased. They came to share their joys and sorrows, play their flutes and drums, sit amongst the graves and spend a moment with the disembodied ones. Through their songs and silence, tears and laughter, our mortality suddenly became more tangible. Closer. Less threatening.

On this auspicious transition, may we step out of our seemingly linear lives that require us to be always “on” and expend consistently high levels of energy. May we connect with the turn of the seasons, and remember that our body is part and parcel of a world that is in constant flux. A world that ebbs and flows to the rhythm of the sun and moon, demanding different attitudes and behaviors at different times. A world that is all but linear.

What would it be like if we redesigned our companies and institutions to match this cyclical flow? If we lived in a world where every moment and every act surrendered to the natural flow of life through our bodies? Where we let go of our illusion of immutability and attempts to control the cycle of life and death – be they in the way we treat our own bodies, or in the way we treat life more broadly?

Tonight, when the veil is said to be at its thinnest, luring the spirits of the dead to come feast and commune with those they have left behind, may we open our gates of perception, and let the night’s wisdom permeate the structures of our lives.

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