To all the Feathered Ones

This blog is dedicated to all the Feathered Ones.

To all who sense that reality may not be what we generally think it is.

To all who aspire to unfurl their creative wings.

There is an ancient tale, which you may have heard, and which speaks directly to the theme of this blog. And it goes like this:

Once upon a time, there was an eagle egg that found its way into a hen’s nest. The hen was slightly surprised by the shape and size of this unusual egg, but she brooded it anyways, adopting it as her own. After some time, a little eagle hatched, gazed upon what it assumed to be its hen-mother and fully embraced the life of a chicken, pecking the ground and clumsily fluttering around.

One day, many years later, a shadow passed fleetingly over the hen-house. As the now elderly eagle looked up to the sky, he saw the most beautiful, most majestic creature, soaring close to the heavens. He asked his fellow chickens: “What is this creature?” They simply replied: “That’s a golden eagle, the king of all birds.” The eagle gazed up in wonder, sighed, and went back to pecking the ground, never knowing that he had been looking at one of his own kin.


Have you ever felt that you might be an eagle fluttering around in a hen-house?

Have you ever looked in disbelief at what was going on around you, not quite understanding why everyone else behaved they way they did, and concluding you must be an alien?

Have you ever longed to live to your full potential and wondered what that truly means?

Well, so have I. And this blog is an exploration into the nature of reality, the fabric of our being, what we commonly assume as given, which isn’t quite so, the seen and the hidden, the elasticity of our subconscious beliefs and conditioning, the boundaries of the possible, and the infinite creative potential, which I believe pulsates at the core of our being.

This is an invitation to come along on this journey, from the scientific to the lyrical, the tangible to the imaginary, the dense to the subtle. It is an invitation to leap with me into the dark unknown, day after day, and see what we may find…

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