The Power of the Word

“Hay palabras que son como una fiesta que cae del asombro de los pájaros.”     Roberto Juarroz –

I want to dedicate this post to the ethereal forms without which this blog could not exist. The ones which, once released, remain suspended in the skies and offer their power and beauty to the world. The ones that enable us humans to partake in the sublime act of creation, giving voice and substance to our souls.


The Ancients knew about the creative power of the Word. The Verb that moved above the waters at the beginning of creation, ready to give form to the unmanifested awaiting to become. The droplets coming out of Egyptian Amon Rê’s mouth, which sprouted forth humankind. The Aboriginal Songlines in Australia along which all creatures were dreamed into existence. And the sacred Sanskrit AUM holding in its vibration the totality of the universe, its cyclical emergence into form and return to the primordial void.

Words have power. But what does that mean for us today, as we go through our days submerged by the words we speak, the ones we read and hear, and the ones perpetually manufactured by our minds to fill our inner silence?

Don Miguel Ruiz, inspired by Toltec wisdom, gives us an answer in his book, The 4 Agreements. He beseeches us to “be impeccable with our Word”.

And yet, in our daily lives, we slip too easily into the containers that have been passed down to us by previous generations. Boxes full of words lying around. We get in and look around at all these creatures staring back at us. We pick them up and put them together clumsily. Sometimes we even want to create a different future and give form to our dreams. And yet we are unaware that the role of many of the poor beings abandoned there – whether overused jargon or internalized banalities – is to perpetuate our reality. And over time we loose sight of the box into which we have climbed.

To create something different, we need different Words. A language that vibrates with the values and love that we are called to infuse into every single aspect of our life on this planet. A language born of our awareness as we carefully choose among the multiple possibilities on offer.

Which words will we use to create the next moment of our lives? Which values will we radiate out into the world, as we perpetually birth the present, in our fully conscious creative glory?

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