Today is the Day! The Heart of the Labyrinth Book Launch.

The Heart of the Labyrinth_cover_front_72Today is the official launch of my first book, The Heart of the Labyrinth. It has been a labor of love and deep journeys into the mind and the world, and I want to share a brief extract with you. A poetic piece that I particularly like, inspired by a night I spent a long long time ago, in a land far, far away…

Excerpt from Chapter IX
Willakuti: The Return of the Sun

Saywa – “In the depth of the night, I arrived at the ruins. There was no moon and the sky was adorned with crisp stars twinkling through the icy cold of the vast plains. The Southern Cross magnificently parted the sky, right above the extensive temple grounds. A small group of men and women sat around a fire, most of them dressed in ceremonial clothing. They welcomed me in my native language and invited me to join them. I walked up the few steps leading into the main precinct and stopped before the eerie silhouettes of the ancient monoliths stoically holding on to their secrets, defying the passing of time. I marveled at the mysterious gate of the sun, a chiseled stone arch dancing in the glow of the crackling flames. It seemingly invited us to step into another dimension and leave behind all limitations imposed by our delusional minds.

More and more people kept coming throughout the night, drawn by a mysterious pull they could neither explain nor understand. They had simply followed their bodies, gathering around our fire with the unspoken faith of those who know they are about to witness something spectacular. I did not see them, but felt the growing human presence around me, and the bubbling energy of joint anticipation. My eyes were closed. As the fire slowly burned to the ground, I sat absorbed by the process of my purification from the past, shedding layer after layer of confusion, being led effortlessly into the deep dark void of pure creative potential. There, surrendered to the longest and blackest of nights, in the silent circle of our prayers, we waited. We waited for the return of the light.

Time stopped. There was no movement, no breath, no sign of life. Only the intense cold and the mute indifference of the stones mocking our impatience in the face of eternity. We held the void with all our courage, willing to hold it forever, trusting life to spring forth once again from the creative miracle of our minds. …”

The Heart of the Labyrinth, by Nicole Schwab –  Order a Copy

  3 comments for “Today is the Day! The Heart of the Labyrinth Book Launch.

  1. Ariane Hentsch
    November 7, 2014 at 11:59

    Bravo Nicole! Je me réjouis beaucoup de lire ton livre… et en discuter après avec toi! xxx

  2. November 7, 2014 at 15:40


    This is so much more than just an excellent new book…’s a glimpse into the very nature of personal reality!

    The Heart of the Labyrinth, a brilliantly crafted literary work, which cleverly sheds light on the many layers of perception and beliefs, and how they assemble in such a way as to comprise each of our own unique individual, and ultimately collective realities.

    I am so pleased to say that the book is based on my teachings and the unique style of transformational therapy in which I specialize. Nicole Schwab came to our Sanctuary deep in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador in 2012 via synchronicity and was so inspired by our work together and how it connected with her life experiences that she decided to write a story that would integrate it all.

    Nicole has done an amazing job, mapping the twists and turns, successes and pitfalls, and key observations inherently found by those who dedicate themselves to the path leading to self-realization.

    Ultimately the book examines a potential which is innate to us all; to be masters of our own reality. It illustrates how we truly have the ability to create a different, more satisfying and sustainable world by comprehensively changing our minds.

    To truly understand and thereby direct our reality we must go beyond our conventional reference points. We must exceed our intellectual or in other words egotistical mindset, and go into the deep ecology of mind itself. This book provides an accurate glimpse into one such adventurous undertaking.

    I am thrilled to have sparked and accompanied the creative journey that gave birth to this book and wholeheartedly recommend it to you. I sincerely hope that it will be widely read and embraced!

    “In so many ways life on earth is like a school dedicated to the purification of mind and optimization of our creative potential.”

  3. December 6, 2014 at 20:09

    I just started reading your book, and it’s so so beautiful, and I see myself in your words. Thank you for writing this. This is a very rare kind of book.

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