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The art of how to consciously manifest our lives is as relevant to me today as it was a year ago, when The Heart of the Labyrinth, my first book, came out.

Getting this lovingly crafted story out into the public felt like a big commitment. A call to live up to the teachings and discoveries I shared through the journey of Maya, the main protagonist. A constant reminder to apply them in my own life.

It has been a year since The Heart of the Labyrinth went out on its adventure into the world, and on this anniversary, we are offering a promotion of the book, as well as a special invitation to join me in a discussion on the relevance of the sacred feminine for our lives today (see details below).

It has been a year of beautiful encounters with readers and fellow poets of life. Of sharing our tears and our laughter as we weave a more intimate relationship with each other and the planet. One that is whole and beautiful.

On this anniversary, I want to take some time to revisit Maya’s mind and ask myself the questions that led her through the labyrinth. Perhaps you may want to ponder them too. Here we go:

How did I do in manifesting my own reality over these past 12 months? What can the events, encounters and experience of this past year tell me about my subconscious beliefs? Have I freed myself from all engrained patterns trying to sabotage my creations?

Have I become the acute observer of my mind that Maya encourages us all to become? Am I clear in what I say yes to and what I say no to? Do I pay enough attention to what I give my energy to, in such a way that every second of my life is fully aligned with my true essence and purpose?

In all these areas, The Heart of the Labyrinth continues to be a teacher for me. An example of what life can feel like when everything is aligned and flows with effortless ease. When work is no longer “work” because one has expanded into a larger field of pure creative purpose.

And from that shining example, I can look into the mirror held up by my readers, as they courageously open their hearts, and share their struggles and insights. Together, we can keep chipping away at our limitations, going deeper and deeper into conscious manifestation.

We can deepen our connection to Life, the Mother Earth, Gaia. Take a moment every day to pause and relax into Her beauty. Feel the one who creates and sustains us in our daily lives; She of which we are a part, indissoluble, nurtured and loved.

My heart sings as I feel us getting closer and closer to the time when “Gaia will rise from the sacrificial stone borne of our pain and our confusion, walk towards us and take our hands as we consciously choose a different future.”

A future of beauty and harmony restored.

I invite you to join me in the conscious creation of that reality.

Anniversary Promotion:

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In addition, I invite you to join me on a live Spreecast discussion for my readers on Wednesday Nov 25th at 7pm CET – see event details and sign up below.

The Sacred Feminine in our LivesNicole&Tree_square small

Why is the sacred feminine so relevant to our lives today?

How does our relationship to the sacred feminine drive our choices and actions?

In this chat I want to share my reflections on these and any other questions that lie close to your hearts, and are woven into the Heart of the Labyrinth. I also look forward to hearing from you.

To sign up for this online conversation on Wed. Nov 25th at 7pm CET, simply complete this form. You will receive a reminder 24 hours in advance with a link to the event broadcast and if you miss it a recording will be available for 7 days.

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